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Karine Armen [Kurkjian] is a photographer and elementary school teacher.
Karine changed her last name for artistic reasons.

Karine's father side is Kurkjian and mother side is Giragosian.
Both Kurkjian and Giragosian families are from Garin (Erzroum), Turkey.
They are survivors of the Armenian genocide and settled in Iran.

Hagop Kurkjian was the weight-lifting champion in Iran.
He received Gold Medal from Shah (the King of Iran)in 1950.

Berjik Kurkjian [Giragosian] has written several self-help articles in Farsi.
Her work was published in a Los Angeles magazine called Fogholadeh in 1987-88.

Varand Kurkjian is a famous Armenian poet.
He has received Honorary PhD from University of Edjmiazin in Armenia.
Karine and Varand are siblings.